Democrats can’t get a respite from Trump in Vegas

(Robin Titus) – The Democrat candidates vying for their Party’s presidential nomination probably hoped to get some unchallenged time in the national spotlight with Nevada’s caucuses. It was not to be.

Senator Bernie Sanders walked away with another win in Nevada, but President Trump was there in Las Vegas on the eve of the caucuses to poke fun at the fact that Sanders still doesn’t know whether he won the Iowa Caucuses two weeks ago.

“They can’t count the votes,” the President told the crowd of about 15,000 supporters who came to see him at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Amusingly, Sanders actually got a nicer reception from President Trump than he did from Michael Bloomberg, who called him “a communist” on Wednesday’s debate stage. That was a savage debate, with all six Democrat candidates adopting notably nastier tones than in previous outings.

Bloomberg’s debut didn’t go the way his abundant staff had hoped. According to most commentators, he came off as arrogant and out of touch. He even had trouble dealing with obvious lines of attack from the likes of Sen. Elizabeth Warren. His performance was so bad that polling indicated that his net favorability fell 20 points in the aftermath.

“I think he’s gone,” the President said at his rally, “but you know what? He’ll spend another 500 million.”

Even though they couldn’t create a semblance of tranquility among the candidates, all of the Democrats would have liked Saturday to at least be all about them. Fat chance.

President Trump won a victory of his own, with turnout far in excess of what an incumbent president would typically get in an essentially uncontested race. But even before the first caucus site opened, it was clear from his sold out, high-energy rally just how much more momentum there is behind the movement to Keep America Great than there is for any of the would-be Democrat challengers.

In 2016, the Nevada Caucuses were a turning point in Donald Trump’s bid for the Republican nomination — a resounding 22-point victory that proved to everyone that there was no stopping the Trump Train. In the general election, he performed dramatically better against Hillary Clinton than either John McCain or Mitt Romney did against Barack Obama, coming within about 26,000 votes of victory in a state with more than a million ballots cast.

Nevada is experiencing an economic boom under President Trump, despite the liberal agenda being pushed by state Democrats currently in power. If Nevada is going to reach its full economic potential, we have to elect more Republicans in the state to help the President win big in November – and it starts with your Assembly Republican candidates.

“With your help this November, we’re going to defeat the radical socialist Democrats, and we are going to win Nevada, in a big beautiful landslide,” Donald Trump told rally goers.

If their most recent debate reflects the best Democrats can muster in response to a booming economy and a stunning record of promises kept, he’s right. No matter how hard the Democrats try, they just can’t keep the spotlight off of President Trump.

Robin Titus is the Nevada State Assembly Republican Minority Floor Leader.

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