OPINION: President Trump Fights for Your Jobs

(Robin Titus) – At the debate last week between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Americans heard straight from the candidates what they would deliver for our nation over the next four years.

Biden offered the same empty promises that he has failed to deliver on for the past 47 years. Meanwhile, President Trump promised an economic revival unlike anything our nation has ever seen – and he’s already delivering.

Before the coronavirus artificially halted our nation’s economic growth, more than 7 million jobs had been added to the economy throughout President Trump’s first three years in office. More than 100,000 of them came straight here to Nevada. Our nation had the best economy we had ever seen under President Trump’s leadership.

And despite a temporary setback, the economy is now roaring back. From May until August, the American economy added back 10.6 million jobs in the fastest economic recovery our nation has ever seen. More than 150,000 of those jobs came right back to the Silver State. The American people have been able to successfully weather the economic storm that the coronavirus brought to the United States, and now we are seeing a historic recovery as a result.

However, this has only happened because of the unprecedented effort that President Trump has made to protect the American workforce. As soon as it was obvious that the coronavirus originated in China, President Trump acted quickly and banned travel from the communist country, in a move that Joe Biden called “hysterical xenophobia.” The president also signed the CARES Act into law and created the Paycheck Protection Program, which is responsible for protecting more than 50 million American jobs – and more specifically protecting a half million jobs in this great state.

Even before the coronavirus hit, President Trump’s pro-growth and pro-American policies were spurring economic growth. He cut burdensome regulations, negotiated new trade deals like the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), and worked with America’s corporations to bring jobs back to America. If it weren’t for his actions, the economy would have never been able to handle the pandemic’s negative impacts, and his policies are the reason the economy is rebounding so quickly now.

On the other hand, Joe Biden led the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. He spent his 47 years as a career politician shipping America’s jobs overseas. In just the past few decades, Biden voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that is responsible for killing 850,000 of our nation’s jobs, and he supported China’s entry into the World Trade Organization. This move alone caused the United States to lose 60,000 factories and more than 3 million jobs.

This is Joe Biden’s record in a nutshell. Even before President Trump took office, Biden made the disastrous effort to bring the United States into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). America’s entry into the TPP would have cost the United States nearly 450,000 jobs had President Trump not withdrawn us from it after he won the 2016 election. The fact of the matter is that Joe Biden has simply put the interests of our foreign competitors above our own citizens, and we can’t allow him to do it again. Americans have suffered for far too long.

As we all saw at the debate, Americans have a clear choice this election season. We can either elect Joe Biden and go back to the failed policies of the past, or we can re-elect President Trump and continue the upward trajectory that America is seeing as we speak. We’ve seen what Joe Biden will do. He will crush America’s recovery just as it’s getting started. President Trump is the only candidate on the ballot with a proven track record of creating jobs, and with four more years, the United States – and especially Nevada – will witness the greatest economic revival we have ever seen in our lifetime.

Robin Titus is the Nevada State Assembly Republican Minority Floor Leader.

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