Republicans reveal ‘Battle Born Priorities’

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) – “Team 15” as they call themselves gathered outside the legislative building on Thursday February 18, 2021 to discuss their vision for Nevada.

The Republicans displayed their “Battle Born Priorities” which included rebuilding and re-opening Nevada’s economy, and prioritizing education.

“Our hearts break at the suicide rates and the depression and the mental health issues that accompany our children for not being n school,” said Assemblywoman Alexis Hansen from District 32.

Minority leader Robin Titus talked about Nevada’s economy. The governor’s budget she says has a 1.8 Billion dollar shortfall. She says Nevada doesn’t have a deficit problem, it has a spending problem.

“Now I firmly believe we do not have a budget problem, we have a government problem,” said Dr. Titus.

“Team 15 “is also pushing for election reform in our state. They say residents need to have more faith in our election which they say evaporated in November.

“All eyes were on Nevada last fall as our vote-counting process dragged long after the polls had closed and turned into an embarrassment on the national stage,” said Assemblyman Andy Matthews representing District 37. Matthews says they will try and eliminate universal mail-in voting in Nevada. That measure was passed by a special session of lawmakers last summer to address election changes during the pandemic.

The lawmakers want to eliminate the harvesting of votes and increased enforcement of ballot signatures. Many in the group contend AB 4 which established voting criteria during the pandemic was railroaded through to the governor, and this session they say they will do something about it.

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