Northern Nevada lawmakers land key spots on interim committees

From – Western Nevada lawmakers landed key spots on several interim committees Monday including the Committee to Consult with the Director, Tahoe/Marlette study committee and the committees on juvenile justice and Seniors, Veterans and Adults with Special Needs. Sen. Ben Kieckhefer, R-Reno, whose district covers all of Carson City, will be especially busy in the […]

Extra water for growing season

From – What looked like a very bleak growing season in the early spring is showing some life because of unusual weather patterns that began producing rain in the Lahontan Valley in late April and continuing through last weekend. Midwest-type of weather blew through Churchill County on Thursday with heavy rain within a 45-minute period, […]

Nevada drought: What’s being done?

From – Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval stood in a dry, dusty lakebed and made a startling point — the place where he stood was covered by 3 feet of water only a few years ago. Nevada is reeling after four years of drought, and the Republican governor of the nation’s driest state made the case […]

Interview with Robin Titus

ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 38 – Churchill & part Lyon County Robin Titus (vs IAP & Libertarian candidates) Open seat vacated by Republican Tom Grady Email: Website: Please post a short personal resume: After Graduating from Smith Valley High School, I attended the University of Nevada, Reno on a scholarship for Chemical Engineering. I subsequently […]

Interview – Robin Titus, Republican Assembly District 38

Original article by Nancy Dallas on April 15, 2014 ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 38 – ROBIN TITUS These interviews are posted on Nevada News & Views ( and/or NewsDesk by Nancy Dallas ( . Reposting of any interview by interested parties must include the disclaimer the interview was originally posted in the above publications. Only those Republican races with a Primary contest […]

Your Jobs

Nevada has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. It’s time to stimulate the economy by reducing taxes and regulation on small businesses. as a small business owner, I know what it’s like to close down business doors due to high taxes and government regulations.

Your healthcare

Our healthcare system is at a crossroads and politicians are deciding our fate. As a family practice doctor, I have fought for patient rights and believe that people should decide their healthcare. Tort reform, more access to healthcare providers, accountability of insurance and pharmaceutical companies will give people better healthcare and lower costs.